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I’ve been working for 21 years now and still, there is no sign of quitting anytime soon! I guess I just have too many ideas and I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that I did not, at the very least, try to get them out there. So if you want to help me release all my creative and working energy, below are ways on how we can do this.

WRITING example

Since I was a little girl I knew I could best express myself through writing. Letters were my friends, and I made cards for all. Later on in life that passion was a little bit forgotten, washed away by the necessities of life. But it made a very strong come back in 2006 when I returned to school, six years after I finished AB- Literature (Eng) with honors at the Ateneo de Manila University. Woven through those years were articles I would pass to different publications, which I still do until today!

SPEAKING example

I never thought I’d do this in my entire life B U T I married a pastor and more often than not, prepared or not, the wife of such will always be asked to give a word or two even when only the husband was invited to preach. Since then I have had a lot of speaking engagements, which I now thoroughly (and surprisingly!) enjoy. My usual topics are on: womanhood, leadership, young motherhood, breastfeeding, marriage, singlehood, faith, building brand and reputation, character, image and redefinition. A nerd by heart, I can craft an entirely new message according to the need at hand!


I always say it isn’t very hard to be famous in the Philippines because it is so small a nation that one TV appearance can gain you a following. So here I am, Rica the celebrity, former childstar, however older, braver, [hopefully] wiser, and surer. As my own person I have my values and I am excited to hear all about yours, too!


I love projects, I love many causes, I love developing ideas and products! I am largely like this because the top three themes that I got when I took the Strengths Finder test were: Input, Learner, and Developer. Which only goes to show why I like collecting things, new discoveries, and seeing them all come to life. Hit me up if you want to do something exciting with me!

100% WHOLE MOM example

One day while nursing I had this crazy idea to put three moms together and do something that will help other moms. So here we are today with Whole Mom PH, manifesting the advocacy of pursuing wholeness and not perfection as mothers, through a series of workshops concerning the mom’s home, beauty, and heart. Our team is also open to endorsements, ambassadorships, collaboration or partnerships. Let us know if you want to know more and we can partner with you!

***You can leave your message below if you wanna work with me, but for personal messages you may email me at [email protected]! 🙂

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