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What’s with my chicken?: Farm Fresh 101 with Bounty Fresh

October 20, 2017, 0 Comments

Since my family is a super “chicken fam,” I was excited to meet some people behind the Bounty Fresh chicken campaign. Soon as I saw them, I knew I had to say how my 3-year-old-son is not into pork and beef, but likes to eat more of chicken and tuyo. His two current chicken recipe faves come from my mother in law: Chicken Casserole and Forty Cloves – which he calls, “oily chicken.” I will be sharing these recipes to you in the future, but for now, let me tell you about some new things I’ve learned about chicken farming!

Well, it actually started with me wanting to bring my son to the Bounty Fresh Farms. We are already in the pre-schooling age and I am always on the lookout for experiences that will help show my son the relationship of things, like how the chickens we eat actually come from a farm where they are raised and so on. So I was bent on taking my son to the Tarlac farms when Mr. James Miralles and Dr. San Gabriel laughed and said that perhaps, I would like to see how they do chicken farming first.

How do they do farming?

First things first, visitors and employees simply cannot bring their cars inside the farm and are asked to park outside of the gate where they are meters away from the chickens. If you should bring a couple of things, a room is designated for checking them in so you have absolutely nothing but yourself as you go and work on the chickens. This is to make sure that no one is bringing potential hazard to thousands of chickens the farm is raising for consumers. And as if this is not enough, all who really want to get to the farm itself have to go through a decontamination process, where one mists, bathes, changes into proper clothing – only a few out of the seven meticulous steps!

Upon hearing this, I immediately understood why it would be impossible to bring my son to see the way they would raise their chickens. They were actually very open to having us, however they figured I would only be too burdened with the highly rigid process. And while I felt a bit regretful to not have a chance to show Philip the way chickens are raised in farms, I cannot lie that I am also very impressed at how Bounty Fresh Farms takes their job so seriously. Not only that, I also feel safer knowing that I have their brand to trust for 100% All Natural chicken meals!

Ever since I got into some organizational studies myself, I put a premium on companies that don’t stop at where they are and continue to improve their systems and processes to ensure quality results. Hindi biro ang ginagawa ng farmers natin and I want to commend them for doing their best to deliver quality chickens for us mga mommies!

This is personally the best benefit of their fresh farming ways, of course, but I must also mention its relevance, especially to the recent bird flu outbreak. Aside from the high level of biosecurity measures, Bounty Fresh farms are actually huge! And apparently, spaces in between their modernized chicken coops help them keep possible diseases under control. Syempre, that’s also besides the point that they have accredited veterinarians checking all of the chickens for their vitals daily!

Feeling ko lang, mas healthy pa ang mga manok na ito than us! Because farmers check them more than we have ourselves checked! Haha!

Also, the spaces inside each storm-proof coop show how Bounty Fresh observes animal rights. And so it follows na kung malinis = healthy chickens, maaliwalas = delicious and tender meat at moderno = certified safe, fresh and clean. Elsewhere I heard that stress-free environments really contribute to the quality of meat and poultry we are eating.

On the whole, my afternoon with the Bounty Fresh fam and farmers enlightened my grocery choices so much. Sabi nga nila, millennials are known to be a generation more conscious about healthy choices than the generation of their parents. So I am guessing that this is why the Farm Fresh 101 spoke to me so much as a millennial mommy. I have to admit, with the limited time that I have to pack in all my studies, work and mommy duties, it helps to know brands we can trust out there in the supermarkets!

Fellow Moms, ano namang natutunan nyo kaya with my Farm Fresh 101 experience? Comment below! Would love to learn more and hear from you guys!

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