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The Return of Lampe Berger: Pure and Fragrant!

March 14, 2017, 3 Comments

Lampe Berger has been very much a part of my younger years. When I started to take charge of my own space, which began at the huge basement floor in my mom’s place, scents became an important part of homemaking for me. I had all the oil burners, diffusers, sprays, but it was Lampe Berger I loved the most. It was especially appealing to me that this lamp did not have to keep a flame on the whole time, and that it came in sophisticated decorative bottles.

But then Lampe Berger disappeared. I did not hear of anyone selling it anymore for the next few years. I guessed there was a problem with distribution, and so I didn’t think I’d find this oil burner anymore in our country.

But thanks to Nikko, the son of Mr.Nicholas Wu — one of the first few marketers of the product some 15 years ago, that old distribution problems now become a part of the past and a new chapter comes about for Lampe Berger.  The young president of the company shared that the story of the brand’s rebirth in our nation came about when he got a virus and remembered the lamps they used to light in their home whenever anyone felt ill. This started talks between family members about bringing back Lampe Berger to today’s market, and eventually, everything fell into place. I was one of the honored guests, invited to the opening of their flagship store, where all scents, bottles, and collectibles are now available for all who want to purchase!

Wu family with us at the Ground Floor of Robins Design Center in Ortigas, as we cut the ribbon and officially open the flagship store of Lampe Berger! 

Now before I go on with my favorites, let me tell you why Nikko’s story sounds pretty amazing for me.

First, it was an example of how the next generation is able to help the older generation bring back good and worthy products. Millenials, go and unearth all the good stuff from your parents that they might have already discontinued. Who knows what gems your parents or aunties and uncles held in the past!

Second, his story speaks directly to me, as one from the generation which Lampe Berger first reached. More than 10 years ago, I used it merely for decorative and fragrance purposes, without knowing that Lampe Berger was actually invented by the French Maurice Berger for the purpose of purifying the air of hospital wards in 1898. As a mom, I cannot help but appreciate the fact their “catalytic oxidation” process which not only masks the odors, but actually destroys them.

Having a toddler at home makes me extra wary of viruses and bacteria, which could easily spread to every person living under the same roof. And can you imagine how many of us, the first few fans of the product years and years ago, are now parents, as well? This throws a fresh new light to our old fave! I love the new information that comes with the redistribution of the product!

Now, let’s talk about my favorite scents. And bottles. 

There are collectibles, as well as a variety of bottles that can blend with almost every style. But the scents I love most are: Anti-Mosquito, which is also especially attractive to mommies who are afraid of Zika and Dengue for their kids; Ocean Breeze; Rose. My Rose bottle actually comes as a gift set. 🙂

There are more styles and packages to choose from their official Philippine website: And for updates, you may also follow them on IG: @lampebergerph!

Congratulations to the Wu family! See you as soon as my stash runs out. And thanks for bringing back an old fragrance favorite into my home all over again.


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