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The Perspectives of God: how He sees from where He is

June 15, 2017, 2 Comments

Are you a planner person? I am. If you are also, I wonder which planning layout it is that you prefer. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? For me, it would be daily and monthly. I already talked about this before — how daily pages help me shrink down the surmounting tasks of months and years into bite sizes. But that doesn’t erase nor minimize my need for the monthly pages. And I think it’s because a monthly layout allows me a good overview of where my days are headed, and the bigger picture of my life for this year. 

As I rode the airplane some weeks ago and I realized that looking down from above might just be a good perspective on how God, perhaps, sees us. That even when all else feels chaotic for us below, He remains confident because His topmost position allows Him to: 

  1. See the larger picture. Beyond what we can see, definitely, and infinitely more interconnected with everything as it seems to us who are on ground. 
  2. Also, see smaller pieces. Everything is tiny from thousands of feet above the ground. So He must also see our, say, sorrows as but a small part of the rest of humanity’s sorrows, and but a moment in His grand redemption plan. 
  3. And well, be really on top of things. When you have a better view of something, and the position to do so, you also will have a better plan, solution, and future. God doesn’t need to panic because not only is His perspective is larger, higher, infinitely better, but also his Superior Power. 

But do you know what it is that I love the most about my God who is Jesus? It isn’t only that He is powerful and above it all, but also, He is Incarnate and Immanuel. That He came down to us in the flesh, and is staying with us in the Spirit until this very day. Unlike many leaders and company presidents I know, My God’s perspectives is not one only from on high, but deeply empathizes right here with us below. 

So the next time you think God doesn’t have a plan for your life, think about how He is above it all. But if you are feeling like He doesn’t understand, think about how He is still dwelling among us today and has come to stay inside of the hearts of those who love Him. Which makes Him possess not only an overview, but even an intimate inside-view of your life!

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  • Reply pauline July 25, 2017 at 6:26 AM

    Amen! God bless!

  • Reply Trisha July 30, 2017 at 9:06 PM

    Hallelujah! This is such an encouragement! 🙂

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