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The Home of A Working Mom

August 1, 2014, 2 Comments

It is the first day of August and I’m happy to announce that I am a part of this month’s issues by 2 different magazines. One is for the Working Mom, where I am on the cover with my dear Philip Bo, and the other is My Home where I function as Guest Editor (NAKS!). I beg you, bill naman kayo, one copy each para naman hindi sill magsisi sa pagkuha nils sa akin, please? 😀

Anyway, since it has been my promise to some of my interested readers, here I am finally blogging about the process of building the home we live in today. Actually, I’ve decided to make it a series for the whole month of August! Each Friday, I will be publishing an important part of our building process. And I’d like to begin today with these: DREAM and PURPOSE.

When Dreams Don’t Come True

The truth is, I am not living in my dream home today. Yup, you heard me right. After all those posts of building this home, of working hard, and seeing many of my visions come to pass, I still think that this isn’t my dream home.

When I began planning for the renovations, I had so much in my head and heart and have sought near and far, high and low, for ways to fulfill them all. Yet when I look at our home now, I am not satisfied. It could still be better.

For one, my limited budget, well, limits me. Bluntly, it is that I cannot have the exact piece of furniture that I want, in the exact location, with the right amount of space and plot of ground. Then, there was my pregnancy to birth that got me rushing some things and suspending the others until God knows when. Most of all, some of those ideas in my head really aren’t working well in reality, in relation to design and some inevitable problems like condo-specific heat and ventilation problems, as well as sharing cockroaches.

You must be disappointed, but don’t be because I am not! Actually, I say, nevertheless DREAM!!!

It was because of these dreams, these ideas, that I now have a comfortable home, as do the one before that which I built when I was still single. In pursuing dream homes, experiences regained, style and tastes are refined, which prepares you for things to come. I know one day when we’ve finally bought that house and lot where God has chosen for us to stay at for the rest of our lives, I’d be a better home builder/maker because of these dry-runs!

Also, dream brings joy and hope that are able to carry you throughout a taxing process. So dream. Collect photos that express your heart’s desires. Put them together, and like what the book DOMINO advises, sift and see the emergent style. Because that’s your style.

3413981221_039ee01879Purpose Brings Direction

Then after you’ve dreamed, get practical and define your nest’s purpose. For me, it was to be a haven for my husband and child, and a place where people would want to come for dinners, counseling sessions, meetings, and where they’d want to stay and be unable to leave unless we throw them out.

This simple definition of our home’s purpose alone already gives so much direction to the building that we want to do. From an originally 3-bedroom unit, we have decided to turn it to just 2 and open up more space to accommodate guests in bigger numbers!

And in the living room we have strategically placed a 2.5HP Inverter Aircon, so it doesn’t financially burn us to be hospitable. There is also one installed in our baby’s room because we figured we would be spending most of our time in there for at least one whole year of his life. My regret though is that looking back, I could have asked for a soft close mechanism on the cabinets in Philip’s room, which is great for moving around a sleeping baby. Well, there will always be something left for the next home!

But the point is: purpose determines a lot of things and points us to the right direction.

Next week I will be talking about how budget is also able to shift that direction. Sometimes to my disappointment, but most of the time to my delight, as it brings me to places that I probably wouldn’t have heard about if I didn’t have to control our expenses!

But for now, I’d like to encourage those who are in the process of building or renovating their homes to DREAM and then determine the PURPOSE of your home. Ask yourself, how do I want my home look like or feel like? And for what am I designing this for? Never underestimate the power of simple questions. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and is that not every need is borne out of a lack of answer? 🙂


Hope you can join me for all Fridays of this month, and to also not forget to grab a copy of MY HOME’S Bed and Bath Issue for the month of August! Happy weekend, everyone!

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    […] For a history of this series on my blog, click this: “The Home of  Working Mom“ […]

  • Reply Sarah August 22, 2014 at 11:43 PM

    Hello Rica! I bought the Working Mom mag because the cover photo is too adorable! Bought it even if I’m not yet a mom, haha 😉 I just want to say thank you for all your wonderful blogs – I personally love the ones that tackles your faith and what you believe in 🙂 You’re very articulate in every topics you post 🙂 Continue to be a blessing to all the girls/women out there! God bless the works of your hands 🙂

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